Who We Are

Delta Waste Management is an independent organisation that provides comprehensive waste and resource management services to both private and state entities.

Our dedicated team of waste management specialists possess the relevant skills and experience to ensure our clients receive excellent service that promotes efficiency and contributes to sustainable waste management methods. We aim to maximise recycling, thereby promoting a green approach to business and delivering maximum value to our clients. To provide a comprehensive offering, our services include eliminating or reducing waste at the source, reusing waste, increasing recovery and recycling rates, reducing hazardous content in waste, as well as reducing the business cost of managing and disposing waste.


To be a leading waste management and sustainability service provider with a solid footprint built on trust, quality, and reliability.


To assist our clients in achieving zero waste to landfill through the implementation of cost-effective sustainable waste management solutions.




To support the goal to minimise, reuse, recycle and recover waste as set out in the National Waste Management Strategy, we strive to reduce the percentage of waste that is sent to landfill. We implement separation-at-source initiatives that sort recyclable items into their respective recycling streams.


Waste Removal

We conduct weekly, bi-weekly and monthly collection of waste from both private and state bodies.

This waste is transferred to a dedicated Waste Sorting Facility (WSF) where it is sorted, compacted, and loaded onto larger vehicles.



By using in-vessel composting technology known as the Rotating Composting Vessel, we provide a beneficial solution to the disposal of organic waste materials such as garden waste, food waste, wood waste and other manufactured biodegradables.


Waste Reduction Strategies

Monthly, quarterly and annual reports and audits provide our clients with the necessary data to implement effective waste reduction initiatives supported by our expertise and guidance.


Delta Waste Management offers once-off clean-ups to new clients and ad-hoc clean-ups to their existing clients. These clean-ups can range from paper waste clean-ups to non-compact waste clean-ups, and many more.

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