Delta Waste Management provides cost-effective on-site waste management services to commercial, retail and industrial clients. Our services are designed to deliver maximum value to our clients while simultaneously supporting a reduced environmental footprint.

We understand that there are different variables and interrelated components involved in the overarching waste cycle of each industry. As a result, our strategies adapt to the unique requirements of respective industries and organisations to provide a comprehensive service offering.


During our 9 years of operational experience, we have investigated the waste management hierarchy and identified the areas of reduction, reuse, recycling, energy recovery and disposal as key components. We are committed to national waste policies as set out in the National Environmental Management Act and the National Waste Management Strategy. As a result, our approach is based on the three R’s of waste management philosophy:




In addition to this, we adapt our tried-and-tested approach to suit the unique operational requirements of each project. We take into account the scope of services required and project characteristics to develop a strategic waste management strategy that optimises results. This approach assists us as we strive towards a zero waste to landfill goal. This means we actively work to maximise recycling and encourage a green approach to business.


Trash in Cash in (TiCi) recycling campaign

Recycling is an integral part in the present and future of waste management. Administered by Delta BEC and operated by Delta Facilities Management, the TiCi campaign encourages members of the public to recycle by offering incentives that range from individual financial rewards to charitable contributions on behalf of participants. These incentives can also be customized to be made applicable to any organisation.

Delta Dawn Worm Farm

To facilitate the reuse of organic food waste, we divert such waste to the Delta Dawn worm farm. Food waste is used as feed for earthworms to produce a nutrient-rich natural fertilizer called vermileachate, also known as vermi-tea. Vermileachate is a highly concentrated organic liquid fertilizer that stimulates plant growth and improve plant health. By disposing of organic waste in such a way, Delta Waste Management prevents greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Delta Rotating Composting Vessel

Developed by the Delta group, the Rotating Composting Vessel (RCV) is a composting method based on a system with shortened active and curing phases. Waste is processed in an enclosed vessel, making it possible to manage the composting process and produce a high-quality product in a shorter period of time.


Delta Waste Management is a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor and is committed to developing the skills of people from previously disadvantaged backgrounds through employment opportunities, development programmes, and by assisting in community improvement projects.


Delta Waste Management is strongly committed to the development of South Africa and its people. Considerable emphasis is placed on altruism and goodwill by committing substantial resources to community and nation-building initiatives.


Delta Waste Management (Formerly Delta Facilities Management) has a SHEQ system in place that implements and ensures adherence to written policies such as Quality Management, Environmental Management, and Operational Health and Safety. These policies and standard operating procedures enable us to be compliant with the following ISO requirements:

  •  Quality Management: ISO 9001:2008
  • Environmental Management: ISO 14001:2004
  • Operational Health and Safety: ISO 18001: 2007